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02.04.2013 14:02
nohab locomotive in egypt antworten

Hello my friends, this my first post here.

This is engineer M.farid from Egypt,

Am born in 1977 so I didn't see the nohab Egyptian locomotives in real except in a few pictures

Anyone here have any data or catalog or images about them??!!

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Prof. Dr. NOHAB

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08.04.2013 17:45
#2 RE: nohab locomotive in egypt antworten


The Lokomotives Typ KK was bild 1957 by Henschel not by NOHAB.
I have found only 3 Fotos in the Net.

Maybe this Links can help you.
Here you can find Henschel-News 3/1957

Best greetings from NOHAB-Pappi

Angefügte Bilder:
ER3101.jpg   sf0400383henschelgmdiesellok0h.jpg   Henschel Ägypten2.jpg  
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18.04.2013 17:27
#3 RE: nohab locomotive in egypt antworten

thanks a lot for the pictures and for the links ,
i think that The Type KK and aa and NOHAB Lokomotives based on the main design from EMD F3 and E8 right ?
i have found 2 pictures too and id like to up load them here but i dont know how

best regards

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10.12.2013 18:15
#4 RE: nohab locomotive in egypt antworten

i got 2 pics but how i can you load them here ?, i would like to share them with you my friends

Nraswervo ( gelöscht )

24.01.2014 19:22
#5 RE: nohab locomotive in egypt antworten

Sehr gute und informative Austausch .. Danke!

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29.01.2014 22:34
#6 RE: nohab locomotive in egypt antworten

Cool Pics - thanks!

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08.02.2014 20:39
#7 RE: nohab locomotive in egypt antworten

Hallo Nohab-Kollegen,
ein interessantes Thema!

But let's continue in english.
Henschel delivered quite a few streamlined diesel locomotives to Egypt’s National Railways between 1958 and 1960.
Sadly, original builders pictures cannot be shown here because they are still copyrighted by the Henschel museum.
However I can add a few catalogue pages for those interested.

First of all, the works numbers related to the early egyptian deliveries:

Model KK16 ESR # 3101-3113 / Henschel # 29532-29544 / 09/1958 / KK16 / 1435mm / A1A-A1A

Model AA16 ESR # 3201-3228 / Henschel # 30200-30237 / 1960 / AA 16 / 1435mm / A1A-A1A-de

Model AA12 ESR # 3601-3670 / Henschel # 30130-30199 / 1960 / AA 12 / 1435mm / BoBo-de

Here’s an image of a Model AA12 locomotive from a late 1950s brochure. The main body colour of the AA12 locos was a deep blue.
The pinstripes are painted in red, white and black – egypt’s national colours.

Another catalogue page showing a Model AA16 loco plus data:

One more page showing a TT12 Loco built for Ghana and an Egyptian KK16:

An early brochure displays Henschel’s (proposed!!)export series of the 1950s.

Actually, Henschel never built locos like the ones shown above. The licence-built diesels from Kassel were no clones of EMD products in any way.
The model B loco depicted here reminds one of the US model E8a loco and the Australian GM Class;
the model AA resembles a kit-bash of two F-Units spliced together while the G12 ist the real thing created in La Grange.
Henschel did a lot of freelancing when it came to carbody styling...

Kind regards, Martin aka G26CW

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28.02.2014 21:13
#8 RE: nohab locomotive in egypt antworten

thanks a lot my friend for the pics and the informations.
this is the first time i know that there was a model in name of AA8.

igot some pics for KK16 from old movie 50's and iwould love to share them here

a model 1:20 in cairo Museum

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