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 NOHABs im Modell
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Prof. Dr. NOHAB

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19.02.2019 15:08
Next scale O Eric Antworten

Hello Nohab-Pappi Klaus,

Here already some pictures from the next project in scale O. What? That’s for later.

Next pictures of the making another model.

I don’t know it for the moment because there is a lot of broken parts on the body, so I hope I can repair it.
I make so much as possible little parts for a model, sometime can I used on more than one kind of model.
One thing is churn , it’s in scale O but of it’s a SJ or DSB model I don’t know it. Sorry

Best greetings,

Angefügte Bilder:
011 - kopie.JPG   021 - kopie.JPG   023 - kopie.JPG   029 - kopie.JPG   034 - kopie.JPG   038 - kopie.JPG   039 - kopie.JPG   041 - kopie.JPG   045 Eric.jpg  
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24.02.2019 12:12
#2 RE: Next scale O Eric Antworten

Hello, a few parts I have can rebuild on the body but not so easy. Also broken windows. It was a bad idea for buy this locomotive from a "good" friend (?)
But I gone try it to made it better than before.
What for model it's gone bee? Not a clue, first I wait how it is with the body and broken parts.
No platforms on and no big expanse on the roof. (that by churl)
Best greetings from Belgium

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Prof. Dr. NOHAB

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04.03.2019 20:46
#3 RE: Next scale O Eric Antworten

weiter geht es

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Prof. Dr. NOHAB

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04.03.2019 20:49
#4 RE: Next scale O Eric Antworten

nächste Fotos

Angefügte Bilder:
137 - kopie.JPG   138 - kopie.JPG   147 - kopie.JPG   148 - kopie.JPG   150 - kopie.JPG   151 - kopie.JPG   154 - kopie.JPG   155 - kopie.JPG  
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