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tågab rules Offline


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21.04.2012 19:29
Winter in Kristinehamn. Antworten

Here are some winter pictures from Kristinehamn, this time not only for GM locomotives but for the most part.
Winter pictures to Nohab-Pappi and all your other GM fans.

T66 402 in the new suit outside the engine shed in Kristinehamn, this picture is Tågab still on and work on the locomotive to the Beacon Rail is the owner of the locomotive but lets all T66 locomotives in sweden and one in Denmark T66 714 for CFL Cargo, indeed in all case T66 locomotive is on the engineering bogies.

Tågab's own T43 254 in the shop inside a routine service.

T43 engine 567C.

Tmz 1410 This locomotive is a lot wrong with the locomotive has been in Kristinehamn a while over a year I would guess the locomotive is former TGOJ Traffic TGOJ but is now part of Green Cargo, but the locomotive has been long in Tågab now.

Tmy 110 Tågab fd My 1132 has just rolled in with a bunch of empty container wagons from Karlstad, it was getting a little snow storm just as I, however, taking the card.

When the picture was taken it was getting dark outside, but here's T43 107 Great Northern on the turntable.

Tmz 109 fd Mz 1426 with timbertrain i Hällefors.

Tmy 101 Tågab in Kristinehamn.

cfr Offline


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23.04.2012 17:00
#2 RE: Winter in Kristinehamn. Antworten

super pictures!!!!!!!

NOHAB-Pappi Offline

Prof. Dr. NOHAB

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23.04.2012 18:50
#3 RE: Winter in Kristinehamn. Antworten

White Lady and Snow, it's great
Maybe you can write your Name here

Hilsnar fran Pappi

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