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tågab rules Offline


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07.11.2016 15:09
Empty timbertrain at Fryksdalsbanan Antworten


Here is a series of pictures from last Saturday last weekend (29/10/2016) then Tågab were on their way to Torsby to unload a timbertrain at the Skalleby terminal.

Tågab's Gt 47653 passes here at Bäckebron with TMZ 108 and TMY 110 on their way up to Torsby for loading saw-timber.

The empty timber train passes just outside off Sunne.

Tmz 108 and Tmy 110.

Between Ingmår and Edsbjörke.


Here you can see the train pass north of Lysvik.

Off to Torsby!

Oleby hlp passed in heavily backlit ...

Arriving in Torsby backed the train into the Skalleby terminal for loading.

The locos has been disconnected from the train and loading has begun.

Tmz 108 and Tmy 110 Tågab.

The locomotives goes round of the train on Skallbey terminal.

Loaded for fully.

Almost complete laden ..

We are moving towards darker times .. Tågab's extraordinary train of sawlogs have just left Torsby and passes this on Oleby in the afternoon / evening with TMY 110 and TMZ 108 as the bearer of Gt 47654.

Tmy 110 first in the train.

Concludes this series of pictures with a picture from Sunne, Gt 47654 stop quickly to
Sunne and changer goes out and press a button that booms go down for voyages to Kil and finally Kristinehamn.

Hope you find it interesting!

Sorry for bad English.

Best Regards Tågab Rules

bollen neus Offline


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07.11.2016 15:29
#2 RE: Empty timbertrain at Fryksdalsbanan Antworten

Hello Viktor , your Englisch is much better than my Swedisch.
Best greetings,

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