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Framasi Offline


Beiträge: 830

15.08.2008 23:00
Haldensleben aktuell Antworten
Mopi ( Gast )

17.08.2008 13:35
#2 RE: Haldensleben aktuell Antworten


I'm planning to make a stopover at the Haldensleben depot on 21.08.2008.
Where can I find the depot? (I have examined satelite photos and I think the depot is around 52°17'23.74"N 11°23'40.35"E)
Is it possible to get in and make some photos? (legally, of course)

Mopi (Lazlo Kiraly), NOHAB-GM foundation, Budapest

Framasi Offline


Beiträge: 830

17.08.2008 14:16
#3 RE: Haldensleben aktuell Antworten

Hi Mopi,

you are right with the Position of the Depot!
It is north of the station at the "Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Allee" (if you will use a navigation system).

I think, it will be no problem to take pictures there.

But please note some rules:

- at first contact the office and ask for permission
- wear a safety vest when you cross the tracks
- please do not publish pictures from inside the halls, it is forbidden!

If you are lucky, the new painting of 1151 will be finished on August, 21th!


P.S. Best wishes to M61 010 from the German NOHAB-Fans!!!

Mopi ( Gast )

22.08.2008 19:43
#4 RE: Haldensleben aktuell Antworten

Thanks for the information.
I was allowed to take pictures only outside, but I have seen the 1151.

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