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28.10.2012 11:55
Some pictures from Tågab city. Antworten

Here are some pictures from Tågab Kristinehamn where my grandfather worked as a train driver but is now retired, but I have practiced in Tågab twice and I'm 16 years in case anyone was wondering, and like trains a lot and I've test driven Tmz 108 of Tågab and TMY 106 Great Northern. But in all cases, some pictures from the last visit photos were taken in September.

Tågab Tmz 109.

Tågab T43 112 even called "fiertruck" old SJ 234.

Mz series 4 BaneService are serviced in Kristinehamn with two of its giants here Mz 1461

Mz 1450 waiting for servie by the doctor...

T43 254 Tågab the blue one, behind a gray Tmz 1408th

Tmz 1408,The locomotive has a roadway above the sides of the locomotive when the locomotive was at the Swedish National Road Administration but they did not run them since so then took the Stena recyling over and now own a rental company in Bls Rail locomotives.

Three T's Tmz 1405 "Lasse" Belvedere wrecked up Långsele when the locomotive was in service after Peterson rail bankrupt became locomotive damaged in one cab and has now been run to Kristinehamn for service.

The locomotive was so sladat that they will not close the cabin door properly ..

TMY 106 and 110 are back in Kristinehamn for refueling after having picked up hours in Torsby, after the locomotive has been loaded, the train to your final destination Grums.

American? No it`s Sweden`s tuffest loco Great Northern!

Cool Tmy 110+106 mult.

Rc3 1041 SSRT with Tågab's passenger rail against Falun C here in Kristinehamn at a furious pace

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24.01.2014 19:07
#2 RE: Some pictures from Tågab city. Antworten

Es ist wirklich toll Beiträge.


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