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  • Tmy 9505 sold..Datum02.12.2017 02:39
    Thema von tågab rules im Forum News


    Tmy 9505 (ex. Tågab Tmy 102, DSB My 1128) Strukton Rail is now sold to Inlandsbanan AB.
    It will probably go with IBAB:s Di3 632 in multipel.

    /Tågab Rules

  • Empty timbertrain at FryksdalsbananDatum07.11.2016 15:09
    Thema von tågab rules im Forum Sichtungen


    Here is a series of pictures from last Saturday last weekend (29/10/2016) then Tågab were on their way to Torsby to unload a timbertrain at the Skalleby terminal.

    Tågab's Gt 47653 passes here at Bäckebron with TMZ 108 and TMY 110 on their way up to Torsby for loading saw-timber.

    The empty timber train passes just outside off Sunne.

    Tmz 108 and Tmy 110.

    Between Ingmår and Edsbjörke.


    Here you can see the train pass north of Lysvik.

    Off to Torsby!

    Oleby hlp passed in heavily backlit ...

    Arriving in Torsby backed the train into the Skalleby terminal for loading.

    The locos has been disconnected from the train and loading has begun.

    Tmz 108 and Tmy 110 Tågab.

    The locomotives goes round of the train on Skallbey terminal.

    Loaded for fully.

    Almost complete laden ..

    We are moving towards darker times .. Tågab's extraordinary train of sawlogs have just left Torsby and passes this on Oleby in the afternoon / evening with TMY 110 and TMZ 108 as the bearer of Gt 47654.

    Tmy 110 first in the train.

    Concludes this series of pictures with a picture from Sunne, Gt 47654 stop quickly to
    Sunne and changer goes out and press a button that booms go down for voyages to Kil and finally Kristinehamn.

    Hope you find it interesting!

    Sorry for bad English.

    Best Regards Tågab Rules

  • Today Tmy 106 rolled into the loco-service house with Tmy 101, so Tmy 101 could get 106 motor.

  • Thema von tÃ¥gab rules im Forum Sichtungen

    As some of you probably know, the TMY 106 abandoned and become a parts storage, locomotive generator is broken and then you get 106-ball go in as a donor for her brother TMY 101 that also has something wrong with the alternator I believe. My 1108 was built in 1956 by Nohab in Trollhättan and has served many years for DSB before Tågab bought the locomotive in 1999 by the DSB, the locomotive repainted in U.S. colors as the "Great Northern Railway" along with T43 107 to become movie stars and participate in Lars Von-Trier 's Dancer in the dark where it needed locomotives that would mimic American locomotive. The locomotives have been allowed to keep the colors all the time after filming was completed. The locomotive has no ATC ​​either and is not renovated like the other TMY locomotives Tågab have with back welded door, etc. .. So this TMY I think is in the worst condition internally but with the coolest painting. As a likely "TMY lover" I think they're a little sad that the locomotive may not roll more but but .. 101-ball may continue the roll a few more years, which is not totally wrong according to me anyway Here's a TMY 106 special with the pictures I took the locomotive of the Monday 9/9-13. The engine is lifted out of probably 106-ball sometime this (the coming week) week or the following week! Long live the old-quarks!

    Think this is the B cab of the locomotive and this is seen the door to the nose open.

    Inside the nose here shows the headlights of the locomotive and on the door a cord to the small red tail light that shows on the outside of the locomotive's front door on the nose.

    From the driver`s eye.

    Closer look at the instrument panel.

    Progress in the engine ..


    Now we have moved to other cab that is significantly Narrower.

    Electrical apparatus cabinet.

    Tmy 101 to get parts of the 106-loco..

    Have a nice Sunday evening!
    Hope you find most interesting?

    Tmy locomotive is the nice stuff!

  • Some pictures from Tågab city.Datum28.10.2012 11:55
    Thema von tågab rules im Forum Sichtungen

    Here are some pictures from Tågab Kristinehamn where my grandfather worked as a train driver but is now retired, but I have practiced in Tågab twice and I'm 16 years in case anyone was wondering, and like trains a lot and I've test driven Tmz 108 of Tågab and TMY 106 Great Northern. But in all cases, some pictures from the last visit photos were taken in September.

    Tågab Tmz 109.

    Tågab T43 112 even called "fiertruck" old SJ 234.

    Mz series 4 BaneService are serviced in Kristinehamn with two of its giants here Mz 1461

    Mz 1450 waiting for servie by the doctor...

    T43 254 Tågab the blue one, behind a gray Tmz 1408th

    Tmz 1408,The locomotive has a roadway above the sides of the locomotive when the locomotive was at the Swedish National Road Administration but they did not run them since so then took the Stena recyling over and now own a rental company in Bls Rail locomotives.

    Three T's Tmz 1405 "Lasse" Belvedere wrecked up Långsele when the locomotive was in service after Peterson rail bankrupt became locomotive damaged in one cab and has now been run to Kristinehamn for service.

    The locomotive was so sladat that they will not close the cabin door properly ..

    TMY 106 and 110 are back in Kristinehamn for refueling after having picked up hours in Torsby, after the locomotive has been loaded, the train to your final destination Grums.

    American? No it`s Sweden`s tuffest loco Great Northern!

    Cool Tmy 110+106 mult.

    Rc3 1041 SSRT with Tågab's passenger rail against Falun C here in Kristinehamn at a furious pace

  • Tmz 1421 new panting and companyDatum28.10.2012 11:07
    Thema von tågab rules im Forum Sichtungen

    Tmz 1421 has repainted and bought by Swedish Inlandsbanan, the locomotive was before this tough color painted in silver and leased to Swedtrac who had the locomotive as a jourlok in case some trains broke out on the line but now Tmz 1419 taken over that task.

    Inlandsbanan also bought one to Tmz 1413 but it will not be over when it is in the north and switches at the mines for LKAB Kiruna, the locomotive will also probably be painted in this color. These locomotives will purchase that one needs a good traction and that they might want to start running bio chip on his career and maybe run a Klak trains for LKAB with lime five days a week. Inlandsbanan also has two Di.3 locomotives, locomotive TMX Three, Three T43 locomotives, among many others.

  • Foto`s von MZDatum11.10.2012 21:34
    Foren-Beitrag von tågab rules im Thema Foto`s von MZ

    Nice pics from Kristinehamn and Tågab!

  • TMY 105 FERTIG BEI ERICDatum09.10.2012 16:27
    Foren-Beitrag von tågab rules im Thema TMY 105 FERTIG BEI ERIC

    Have you any e-mails bollen neus? Would be fun and get in touch with you regarding a locomotive. Or is the other forum in which you participate that I can contact you?

    Thanks in advance!

  • TMY 105 FERTIG BEI ERICDatum13.08.2012 21:58
    Foren-Beitrag von tågab rules im Thema TMY 105 FERTIG BEI ERIC

    Hey, a very nice model of Tågab loco TMY 105!
    I've been with this loco when I practiced in Tågåkeriet in Bergslagen AB.
    Nice sound!

  • Tmx 1015 new color.Datum16.06.2012 20:15
    Thema von tågab rules im Forum Sichtungen

    Tmx 1015 in Sweden in Three-T new coloring,before this loco was yellow and
    belongd`e to Bantåg Nordic but now the loco have been trade to Three-T how is the dother company.

    Sorry for bad English!

  • Winter in Kristinehamn.Datum21.04.2012 19:29
    Thema von tågab rules im Forum Sichtungen

    Here are some winter pictures from Kristinehamn, this time not only for GM locomotives but for the most part.
    Winter pictures to Nohab-Pappi and all your other GM fans.

    T66 402 in the new suit outside the engine shed in Kristinehamn, this picture is Tågab still on and work on the locomotive to the Beacon Rail is the owner of the locomotive but lets all T66 locomotives in sweden and one in Denmark T66 714 for CFL Cargo, indeed in all case T66 locomotive is on the engineering bogies.

    Tågab's own T43 254 in the shop inside a routine service.

    T43 engine 567C.

    Tmz 1410 This locomotive is a lot wrong with the locomotive has been in Kristinehamn a while over a year I would guess the locomotive is former TGOJ Traffic TGOJ but is now part of Green Cargo, but the locomotive has been long in Tågab now.

    Tmy 110 Tågab fd My 1132 has just rolled in with a bunch of empty container wagons from Karlstad, it was getting a little snow storm just as I, however, taking the card.

    When the picture was taken it was getting dark outside, but here's T43 107 Great Northern on the turntable.

    Tmz 109 fd Mz 1426 with timbertrain i Hällefors.

    Tmy 101 Tågab in Kristinehamn.

  • Dänische bilderDatum16.04.2012 22:22
    Foren-Beitrag von tÃ¥gab rules im Thema Dänische bilder

    Nice pictures from Denmark, I like Contec Rail's TMY 1158 fine coloring.

  • Some pictures from Sweden.Datum16.04.2012 22:18
    Foren-Beitrag von tågab rules im Thema Some pictures from Sweden.

    Thanks funny that you like them, it will more pictures soon on these amazing machines.

  • They are an incredibly fine locomotives actually particularly like that you got with lateral grid on the locomotive and the actual airing is really just beautiful!

    They were fun to build TMY 105 this locomotive, I have a lot of pictures and traveled with the cab of the locomotive, that is my favorite locomotive.
    Hope you have an equally attractive model king, you are incredibly talented and beautiful building models unpopular with large, they look so lifelike.
    Would self fun to have such a model.

    Where to buy gear, step on the front panel of the locomotive which staff can be under shifting and maneuvering?


  • incredibly nice model of this locomotive wish myself I had the same nice locomotive that you have done here, this was one of the best looking model locomotive I have ever seen brilliant!

  • Some pictures from Sweden.Datum14.04.2012 23:02
    Thema von tågab rules im Forum Sichtungen

    Here are some pictures from GM Sweden Kristinehamn.
    Both the round noses (My) and flat noses (Mz) and some other stuff ..
    Pass on.

    Tmy 106 Great Northern in Kristinehamn.

    Jacpott Tmy x4! Tmy 101,Tmy 105,Tmy 106 and Tmy 110 in Tågab city.

    Tmy 110 in Sweden we call this loco"Lammet"=Lamb in English.

    Mz 1454 "Balder" Banneservice,real power and nice sound.

    Tågab:s Tmz 109,a few weeks ago was this locomotive radio remote control and then changed their engine on the locomotive also.

    And here is Tågab:s Tmz 108 and Strukton Rail:s Tmy 9505 former TMY 102.

    Yes, it's all for me this time, I'll be back with more pictures from Sweden if you want I have lots ...

  • Tågab Tmy 101Datum13.04.2012 15:50
    Foren-Beitrag von tÃ¥gab rules im Thema Tågab Tmy 101

    I have many pictures from Kristinehamn.
    No, I live in a place called Deje which is approximately one hour for yourself.
    My grandfather worked at Tågab as loco-enginer,he also had teatch`d other locomotive-enginer how to drive TMY, TMX, TMZ and more locomotives, I have also interned at Tågab, I'm 15 years old.

  • Tågab Tmy 101Datum11.04.2012 23:30
    Thema von tågab rules im Forum News

    Hello, I come from Sweden, this is a picture of Kristinehamn and Tågab TMY 101 outside Tågabs workshop, hope it works now.

    Excuse me if I have bad English, but I can only in ninth grade.

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